MiniBums Bamboo Cloth Diapers- Baby Shower Gift Basket
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Beautiful custom made diaper cakes are made to order for new or expectant mom. MiniBums offers affordable gift options in your price range for every need or occasion. 

Small bamboo cloth diaper basket is an ideal gift to give a try for new cloth diapering moms.

Why are MiniBums gifts so special about?

  • Disposable diaper cakes are expensive.  If you spend that much money on disposable diaper cakes which provide a short supply of diapers that will be quickly used up, why not choose MiniBums bamboo cloth diaper cakes that cost about the same as disposable diaper cakes and will save you a lot of money for years to come.
  • MiniBums18 cute printed diaper covers will fit your baby perfectly for many months.
  • Bamboo has become a top trend in today’s cloth diaper market.  Choosing bamboo cloth diapers as a gift is a smart way to make an environmentally sound purchase.
  • Bamboo cloth diapers are a fresh and exciting gift and MiniBums guarantees that every customer will be satisfied with the purchase they make.

Small size gift comes with:

  • 1 Basket
  • 3 Your favorite diaper covers
  • 3 Bamboo inserts
  • 2 Prefold inserts
  • A gift message


Occasional gifts for babies are the wonderful way to express your emotions at that particular occasion. There are different occasions on which gifts can be given like:

  • Birthday gift
  • Christmas gift
  • Easter gift

How to order:

  1. Click a box in the Baby Shower Gifts. A comment box will appear
  2. Write down 3 your favorite diaper covers in the box
  3. Write down a gift message in the same box (Maximam 200 words)



  • Condition: New

MiniBums Bamboo Cloth Diapers- Baby Shower Gift Basket

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