8 Pack MiniBums Cloth Diaper Covers
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 Affordable 8 Packs MiniBums Diaper Covers

MiniBums offers 8 pack diaper covers at even more affordable price than purchasing 1 single diaper cover. New moms will probably need dozens of diaper covers for your newborn baby so it's a great way to stash enough diaper covers in the diaper stacker. Save time and money with our cloth diaper cover packages.

MiniBums cloth diaper covers are considerately designed by a cloth-diapering mom who knows how to enjoy cloth-diapering experience. We have so many selections of cute cloth diaper covers in stock. You will be blown away by how our unique design of cloth diapers are different than others.


Please choose 8 your favorite diaper covers from our 18 cute prints by the best cloth diaper brands at MiniBums.com! Yes, it's ok to choose same prints for 2 or more.

* Inserts do not come with this option


Material: 100% Polyester shell


  1. One size diaper cover from birth to potty training
  2. Lasts for years when well cared for
  3. Best overall value saving you thousands of dollars


  • Waterproof Shell
  • Light Weight
  • Three rows of snaps for adjustability
  • Snaps to adjust size of waistline
  • Your baby will feel secure and snug with stretch wrap
  • Smallest waistline: 30cm (12 inches), Largest waistline: 54cm (21.25 inches)
  • Two snaps underneath contour flap keeps insert in place
  • Front and back contour flaps prevent leakage from every angle
  • Replace a new insert and reuse the diaper cover until it gets dirty
  • Cute printed diaper covers makes diaper changes fun
  • We guarantee that with MiniBums your little one's bums will look the best in town
  • Super fast dry

Washing Instructions:

    •  After use knock solids into toilet or waste container, machine wash & rinse on cold, tumble dry low or line dry
    • Do not use bleach, softeners, or rash cream on diaper
    • Machine washable and dryable

 Country of Origin: Made with love in China


  • Condition: New

8 Pack MiniBums Cloth Diaper Covers

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